Welcome to our Site

Ark & Oak is honored to be a member of the Aurora community.  As a traditional family-owned small business devoted to supporting Coloradans, Ark & Oak is proud to serve the neighborhoods we have always called home.  Ark & Oak specializes in office, industrial, and household relocation.  We understand loyalty must be earned and, to that end, strive to ensure every commission justifies your faith in us.

Our Mission

Provide the Community with Strength, Stability, and Support Through Life's Stressful Transitions.

Our Story

We aspire to support our clients as they transfer their business headquarters or reposition their industrial structure.  We further endeavor to provide strength to families as they uproot, ensuring continuous support and an unwavering sense of home.

Our Name

Ark & Oak is named for our brilliant daughters, Avery Renee Kennedy and Olivia Alice Kennedy. They are constant reminders of how important hard work, curiosity, patience, and love are to the growth of family, friends, and business. Their inspiration prompted us to move forward as a small-business. We are proud to have an opportunity to provide jobs to our neighbors and a service to our community.

Our Heart

Joshua Kennedy has been in the moving industry for over twenty years. He worked his way up from an entry-level laborer to a driver and supervisor. His vast experience provides insight into the nuances of securing items of varying shapes and fragility as well as alleviating customer anxiety as they transition from familiar surroundings. His work ethic has always been a testament to an earnest desire to provide for his family, serve his community, and act as an example to his friends and neighbors. Joshua’s dedication and enthusiasm for hard work is an endorsement of Ark & Oak and a sincere pledge to all our customers. 

Our Mind

Renee Kennedy’s list-making and organizing expertise are invaluable to the efficient growth of Ark & Oak’s business structure. She prides herself on an overwhelming sense of duty and responsibility for those who are under Ark & Oak’s employ. Her unceasing drive for excellence ensures she is never idle. Her proficient business skills, financial aptitude, and devotion to family safeguard the company’s administrative success. Renee’s managerial skills perfectly compliment Joshua’s field expertise. 

Our Body

While Joshua and Renee may have been inspired to create a business, it is truly the employees of Ark & Oak who engender that business with life. They are the most dedicated, hard-working, determined, resolute, persevering, and industrious people we could have ever brought together. Their passion for meticulous, precise work is unprecedented. Our Ark & Oak family is comprised of truly wonderful people – perfect representatives of our mission and goals. Without them, Ark & Oak wouldn’t have a foundation upon which to build.

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